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Document Silverton Appeal
SHUS New Group
Document Silverton Appeal
SHUS Literacy at local library
Document Oregon Law Center
SHUS/Outstanding Community Partner
Document Oregon Legal Aid
SHUS/Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Document Silverton Together
SHUS/Silverton Together Community Connector Program
Document English Learner Coalition
SHUS/ Resource Member
Document Statesman Journal Willamette Valley Hospice
SHUS/Reaching Latinos
Document YWCA Classes
SUHS/ Meetings-Workshops
Document Statesman Journal
SHUS/ Cultural Support
Document Statesman Journal
SHUS/ Silverton Parade
Document Marion County
Salem, Oregon
SHUS/Parents Resource Guide
Document Silverton, Oregon
SHUS/ Annual Holiday Celebration
Document Silverton, Oregon SHUS/ Community Center Rental Agreement (InKind)
Document The Oregon Garden
SHUS/ Earth Celebration Day/Traditional Mexican Dance

Local , State and National Community Recognitions                             Susana Ghio helps a girl make a crown
                                                                                                                                                                         during the 12th. Annual Holiday Celebration
Silverton. Silverton Appeal


Document Silverton Appeal
Community Service Award
Document Verizon
Family Literacy Program
Document Colorin Colorado
Washington DC
SHUS Achieving Success
Document Silverton,Oregon
SHUS/ MaryCarmen Cressey ~ Service Club Award
Document Statesman Journal
Salem, Oregon
SHUS / Susana Ghio ~ Athena Award 
Document Portland, Oregon
SHUS/ Oregon Literacy

“If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family"      

Attribution: Rudy Manikan (20th Century)